Welcome to the realm of mystic living.

MYSTIC magazine is the alchemy of mixing the mundane with the magic! The intention behind the articles you will find in this online magazine is to seek out the enchanting stories behind everyday subjects, such as home, garden, art, beauty, fashion, music, food, travel and much more. MYSTIC magazine also aims to guide and teach through the life experiences of others, with interviews of interesting people in the field of new age, including psychics, mediums, medical intuitives, energy healers, and all of the arcane arts. MYSTIC magazine is sure to bring a little magic into anyones incarnation. Many blessings, Deanne Sarita Smart {editor.


Exploring the blog The Magic Onions is the equivalent to a child on a treasure hunt! It is a wealth of inspiring, uplifting ideas encompassed by a bubble of imagination. One of which ideas is to create your own fairy garden with your children. Her post explains step by step instructions on how to make a fairy garden, illustrated with beautiful photos of the process. This project is sure to keep your children entertained for hours and open there little minds to the enchanted realm of the fay.

*images courtesy of The Magic Onions blog

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