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Kiki Smith

Born, 2002
Edition 2/3

 Ave, 2000

lithograph with collage, 68/230

Kiki Smith is by far the queen of mysterious, symbolic and mythical art. She is the picture of natural beauty, her style looks as though inspired by a witch, with cats to match. Her images often include animals such as wolves, raven, and deer. Not so much pretty portraits, as she is known to paint dead pets, but her emotions are laid on the page honesty for everyone to see.  She makes the connection between the natural world and her work intuitively. Her work is pure expression. Her philosophies on life are so inspiring, this is a woman that lives her truth!

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  1. Wow, she's wonderful! I LOVE her hair... Medusa :-)
    Thank you for introducing me to this goddess of creativity.
    Blessing and magic,